2. Exploring options

From COST Action FP0804: FORSYS
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The tasks involved in this phase are

1. Designing alternative options

  • It means that it is possible to define several different alternative options for the treatment of forest stands, for instance using different harvesting rules or different allocations of resources.

2. Predicting the consequences of actions

  • It means being able to predict the future effect of the actions, for each criterion and each indicator the stakeholders consider relevant. These may include market (e.g. timber) and non-market (e.g. scenery) goods.

3. Illustrating the consequences of actions

  • It means illustrating the consequences of actions through tables and graphs (summary of the consequences of actions) and thematic maps (2D) of future actions, developments stages of stands etc.

4. Visualizing the consequences of actions

  • It means illustrating the effects of actions on the landscape through 3D graphics.