3. Evaluating options

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The tasks involved in this phase are

1. Selecting the best option

  • In continuous case (see Malczewski 1999), the best option can be selected using optimizations tools, and in discrete case with multi-criteria analysis MCA tools or voting methods.
  • The optimization tools may include linear or non-linear programming tools or heuristic optimization tools.[[1]]

2. Ranking alternative options

  • If it is not enough to select one best option, the options can be ranked from best to worst. There may also be groups of options that are indifferent to the DM/stakeholders.

3. Aggregating preferences

  • In case of several stakeholders / DMs the preferences need to be aggregated, in order to select the best option.

What forest DSS are suitable for evaluating the options?

Malczewski, J. 1999. GIS and Multicriteria decision analysis. Wiley. 392 p.