Participatory planning case template

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General case description

Brief overview

Briefly define purpose & objectives of the case introduced

  • what was the problem
  • what was the end product
  • what was the planning area
  • what was the planning organization
  • who was the decision maker
  • what were the aims of the project
  • what were the aims of the participation process in the project (for example, conflict resolution, increasing acceptance of decisions)


  • Who started the process?
  • What influence did the participation have in the decision process? (for instance compared to Arnstein levels of participation)
  • How is the participation process organized?
  • What was the time frame for participation?
  • What was the time frame related to the project time frame?
  • What was the budget of project/participation (for example in money, workdays etc.)?

Problem structuring

  • How was the problem defined?
  • Who defined the problem? Was participation used in problem definition phase?
  • What tools or methods were used in problem structuring, if any?



  • who were the stakeholders?
  • how were they selected?


  • what were the criteria?
  • how were they selected?


  • how were the preferences of the decision makers and stakeholders elicited?


  • what information was collected?
  • what tools were used for data collection?



  • What kind of alternatives were considered?
  • How were they defined?
  • Who defined them?
  • What tools and methods (if any) were used to define them?


Usage of DSS

  • What kind of DSS was used (if any)?
  • How was the DSS used in the process?

Usage of models, methods and tools

  • What kind of decision support tools (models, methods) were used, if any?
  • How were the decision support tools used? (for instance, through internet, with the help of a facilitator, with hands-on experiments)
  • Was the use of decision support tools interactive?


  • Was the success of the project monitored?
  • How was the success of the project monitored? (both process and product)
  • Who monitored the success?
  • Were the decisions/plans implemented?
  • Was the implementation monitored?
  • Were the goals set for participation achieved?


Cited references

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