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Name, responsible organisation and contact person

Has full name Sustainable Forest Management Decision Support System
Has acronym WIS.2
Has wiki contact person Christian Rosset
Has wiki contact e-mail christian.rosset@bfh.ch

Software identification

Has software WIS.2.Software


Has description WIS.2 focuses on providing guidance in sustainable forestry management. The system gives strong organisational and decision support in implementing, monitoring and controlling silvicultural practices. The system provides specific information for the different phases of the silvicultural process, allowing planners to simulate the mid- to long-term consequences of various action scenarios, and supporting users in solving complex silvicultural problems at multiple scales (i.e., from the whole enterprise level down to the single stand level; from very long-term to short-term). The scope of WIS.2 includes:
Scope of WIS.2
  • formalising the manifold demands of society, forest owners and stakeholders for implementation in forest management;
  • defining different variations of silvicultural strategy and implementation concepts, in order to assess the entrepreneurial strategy and recognize the mid- to long-term consequences;
  • pointing out the priority-
Has modelling scope Forest indicators
Has temporal scale Long term (strategic), Medium term (tactical)
Has spatial context Spatial with no neighbourhood interrelations
Has spatial scale Forest level, Regional/national level
Has objectives dimension Multiple objectives
Has related DSS SiWaWa
Has goods and services dimension Market wood products, Non-market services
Has decision making dimension Single decision maker
Has forest management goal biomass estimation, conservation, forest inventory, forest vegetation management, silvicultural regime, species selection, wildlife habitat, yield prediction, wood supply planning, multi-functional
Supports tree species Buche
Supports silvicultural regime even-aged

Concrete application

Has typical use case
Has user profile
Has country Belgium, Italy, Spain, Switzerland
Has references about examples of application
Has number of users <=30
Has number of real-life applications <=30
Has utilisation in education used by students
Has research project reference ...
Has tool dissemination ...

Decision support techniques used in the DSS

Has decision support techniques WIS.2.Decision support techniques

Support of Knowledge Management

Has knowledge management processes WIS.2.Knowledge management process

Support of social participation

Has support for social participation WIS.2.Support of social participation

DSS development

Has DSS development WIS.2.Description of DSS development


Has website
Has online demo
Has manual No
Has technical documentation No
Has reference

see overview on DSS according to FORSYS problem dimension